With Priority rules, admins can create rules to automate setting ticket priorities. This user guide explains how to create a priority rule and the limitations on creating rules.

This page covers the following information:

Application of rules

There are two sets of rules that apply to set ticket priorities: Internal rules and Priority rules. The tickets that aren't given priorities by these rules are set to Medium by default. These rules are applied in the following order.

  1. The internal rules set on the development level assign tickets.
  2. The priority rules created on the Sendbird Dashboard assign the tickets that aren’t assigned on the previous order.
  3. The tickets that are not assigned by any rules from the above orders are given Medium by default.

To create a rule

  1. Go to Settings > Rules > Priority.
  2. Click Create+.
  3. Select match type between AND and OR and set a condition.
  4. Set priority.
  5. Click Save.